D. Linda Bidabe

linda 2.png

Founder of the M.O.V.E. Program

Linda came from very humble beginnings. Raised on a farm in Kansas, Linda dreamed of expanding her horizons. She became a special education teacher and spent most of her career at the  Harry E. Blair Learning Center in Bakersfield, CA.

Linda loved her job and always strived to find new ways to help her students. Early in her career, she felt that if her students could move about their environment, they would increase their learning. It did not take long for Linda to prove her thought process correct. 


In 1986, Linda began developing the M.O.V.E. Program with the first Curriculum published in 1991. Since that time, the Program has spread across the United States and Internationally.

Linda dedicated her professional life to serving children and adults with severe multiple impairments. She presented the M.O.V.E. Program at international conferences and travelled extensively in her pursuit to bring the M.O.V.E. Program to an international level.

Linda radiated hope to all the families that met her. She was a mentor to thousands of school and adult day program staff, sharing her knowledge and expertise. 

Linda enjoyed spending time with her daughter and her grandchildren, who were the most precious people to her. 

There is no doubt that heaven has a new angel. Linda left behind a legacy that will never be forgotten in The M.O.V.E. Program.