MOVE™ Training Opportunities

MOVE™ Basic Provider

This two-day training instructs how to implement the MOVE Program with individuals at your site. It is intended for teachers, parents, therapists, administrators, support providers, etc. who work with individuals with multiple disabilities.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the philosophy, principles, and purpose behind the MOVE Program
  • Understand and be able to implement the Six Steps of the MOVE Program
  • Become familiar with the MOVE Profile to collect data
  • Brief introduction into upright toileting
  • Brief introduction into equipment that is utilized in the MOVE Program

MOVE™ Basic Provider II

This one–day training for Basic Providers is to broaden knowledge and understanding of the MOVE program & provides hands on opportunities with equipment.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand each motor milestone rationale on the TDMMT
  • Creating activities that are meaningful, functional, and age-appropriate
  • Understanding the prompt system (Steps 4/5)
  • Participate in creative ways of using furniture/equipment in supporting individuals during activities and enhancing the individual's independence
  • How to adjust equipment and prompts
  • Team problem solving

MOVE™ Toileting Care (MTC)

Is a four-hour intensive training on how to use common furniture for “upright toileting”. The training will include how to transition and support an individual, allowing them to participate in their own care at their highest level and be as independent as possible.

Course Objectives:

  • Brief explanation of the MOVE philosophy and purpose
  • Understanding the concept and application of “upright toileting” even with non-weight bearing individuals
  • Transition an individual to/from the commode/toilet, with a no lift policy 
  • Use of everyday furniture
  • Slip and fall prevention
  • Show how MTC makes your job safer and easier!!!!


Consult Clinic MOVE International will send out a highly experienced MOVE International Trainer to consult with your staff and individuals.  The purpose of this clinic is to assist your staff in problem solving for individuals in the MOVE program and/or use of equipment. Typically 8-10 individuals are scheduled for the clinic.

Presentation Clinic This clinic is customized to the site. It may involve demonstrations with individuals but the purpose is more educational for staff in a lecture/discussion/group project type of setting. Topics are determined by the site in consultation with Program Managers/MOVE International Trainer.

MOVE International Trainer® (MIT)

This three-day course is designed for MOVE Basic Providers who would like to take on a leadership role with the MOVE Program at their work site. As a MIT you are able to train staff at your site, at minimal cost (cost of training materials only).  To maintain your certification as a MIT, you must re-certify every four years.

Course Objectives:

  • Learn to present material accurately and professionally, within an allotted time frame
  • Be able to shift between presenting and answering questions, with greater ease
  • Improve knowledge of MOVE and explain the MOVE Program
  • Show expertise with a variety of equipment used in the MOVE Program
  • Understanding your role as a MIT, the legal junk!

Prerequisites :

  • Completed MIT application
  • Minimum of one year experience using the MOVE Program with individuals
  • College degree in related field is preferred, but not required
  • Attended a MOVE Basic Provider training within last five years


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