What is MOVE™?

  • A philosophy - a way of life;
  • A collaborative effort between the learner/families/care providers and professionals;
  • A structured program that provides a framework to assess and measure gross motor skills;
  • A top-down approach that looks at the skills the individual already possesses and teaches the skills necessary to become independent in a given activity at their highest functional level;
  • A form of teaching that embeds skill practice throughout the individual's day in functional activities;
  • A data collection system that demonstrates acquirement of gross motor skills.

MOVE (Mobility Opportunities Via Education/Experience) is an activity-based program used in homes, schools, day programs and the community. Using a top-down approach, MOVE combines the individuals’ present abilities with an instructional process during motivational activities to help the individual improve their mobility skills of sitting, standing, walking, and transitioning – leading to improved health, independence, dignity and inclusion of the individual in the family and community. MOVE is a way of life!

MOVE Quick Facts


  • Increased choice making for individuals.
  • Increased independence for individuals in moving about their environment.
  • Reduced lifting on the part of family members and support providers.
  • Promotes better health with increased upright positioning.
  • Creates friendships.